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What are Up/Down Markets?

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Up/Down markets are a type of derivative contract that turns every trade into a simple 'Up' or 'Down' question โ€“ you decide whether a market is likely to be above a certain price, at a certain time. If you think it will be, you open a 'Up' position. If you think it wonโ€™t be, you open a 'Down' position. The markets are defined by the trading asset of choice, strike price, timeframe (time to maturity), and direction (up/down).

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For instance, a trade could be created on the following prediction:

ETH will be above (Up) 1.8k USD 15 mins later

When the position reaches time to expiry (i.e. 15 mins later):

  • if the outcome of the above prediction is true, then the trader makes a profit.
  • If the outcome of the above statement is false, then the trader takes a loss.

Why Trade Up/Down Markets?โ€‹

These markets offer a fantastic way of trading price action, hedging high leveraged positions and balancing your exposure to specific assets. It is a preferred insttruments for traders looking to avoid the complexities and heightened risks associated with perpetual contracts, such as funding rates, potential for liquidation, and uncapped risk.

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Up/Down Markets

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