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BFR Token

BFR is the platform's utility and governance token, holding the token unlocks a variety of benefits.
We share the key information of the $BFR token below:

Token Information:

Buying $BFR

Buy BFR on Uniswap (Arbitrum)

Staking $BFR

BFR can be staked using the Earn page. Staked BFR receives four types of rewards:
  • Escrowed BFR (esBFR)
  • Multiplier Points (MPs)
  • 40% protocol generated revenue in USDC
  • 15% protocol generated revenue in ARB
After staking BFR you will receive a Staked BFR token.
Note that the balance for this token will return your total staked amount including any esBFR tokens and Multiplier Points.
For more information on Escrowed BFR and Multiplier Points, please visit the Rewards page.

BFR Token Supply

The supply of BFR can be viewed on the Dashboard. The increase in circulating supply will vary depending on the number of tokens that get vested.
The set max supply is 50 million BFR tokens. Minting beyond this max supply must be voted on and approved by BFR governance before it would be permitted.

Supply allocation:

  • ~28 million in circulation
  • 20 million BFR reserved to be distributed as esBFR. Out of 20 million:
    => 3 million is reserved for later migrators => 2 million is reserved for OTC sales to raise working capital & POL => The remaining 15 million esBFR are being emitted at 100,000 esBFR/month to the BFR staking pool. Any changes to the emissions can be done after voting
  • 10 million for DEX liquidity will be used for active market making on Uniswap v3 and liquidity mining rewards. => All fees earned while making the market will be re-invested in it.
  • 10 million community & team compensation => To be released at 200,000 $BFR/ month for the next 50 months ( only liquid $BFR emission) => Includes team and community member compensation and all previous vesting schedules
  • 25 million of the supply was locked under a 6-month cliff - post-cliff period => On June 5th, 20M BFR tokens were burned as per community consensus received for BIP-02