Buffer Finance

Use cases & Protocol benefits

There are multiple powerful use cases that can be built over a Peer-to-Pool options trading protocol.
We will be setting up Insurance funds for Launchpads and Service providers who hold or operate with a significant amount of BNBs to protect them from price fluctuations.
Speculators can participate in our BNB price prediction games by betting on whether the price will go up and down by just paying a betting fee against a liquidity pool without the need of a counterparty.
  • Buy Put option if you have an open long position on BNB
  • Buy Call options if you have an open short position on BNB
  • Trade customizable options based on your viewpoint of BNB price movement.
Please note that the above use cases take BNB as an example for the underlying asset but all the use cases will be valid for other tokens as well. We plan to start with BNB add more BEP-20 tokens as we move forward in our roadmap