The BFR is the utility token that powers our whole ecosystem.
BFR is the native governance and utility token of the Buffer Finance protocol on Arbitrum. It has a maximum total supply of 100 Million tokens. No new tokens can ever be minted.


  • ~28 million in circulation
  • 20 million BFR reserved to be distributed as esBFR - Out of 20 million, 3 million is reserved for later migrators - 2 million is reserved for OTC sales to raise working capital & POL - The remaining 15 million esBFR are being emitted at 100,000 esBFR/month to the BFR staking pool. Any changes to the emissions can be done after voting
  • 10 million for DEX liquidity will be used for active market making on Uniswap v3 and liquidity mining rewards. - All fees earned while making the market will be re-invested in it.
  • 10 million community & team compensation - To be released at 200,000 $BFR/ month for the next 50 months ( only liquid $BFR emission) - Includes team and community member compensation and all previous vesting schedules
  • 2 million reward pool to pay keeper network and fund rewards for trading competitions
  • 5 million protocol-owned liquidity to enable trading with $BFR tokens - PnL of the trader adds to the POL balance (more traders lose more tokens are locked) - 50% of the fee generated will be added to the BFR reserve to be sent as esBFR rewards - Remaining 50% of the settlement fee with go to the reward pool
  • 25 million of the supply will be locked under a 6-month cliff - post cliff period is over the community can vote on what to do with these tokens; below are the possibilities - Burn all the tokens - Lock in POL for trading to allow bigger trade sizes in $BFR - many other possibilities
The supply of BFR can be viewed on the Dashboard.