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Vest esBFR

esBFR tokens can be converted into liquid BFR tokens through vesting over a period of a year
esBFR rewards can either be:
  • vested to become actual BFR tokens over 365 days
  • staked for rewards similar to BFR tokens via the 'Compound' function
To vest your tokens go to "Vest" vaults by scrolling to the very bottom of the "Earn" page.
Since both BLP liquidity providers and BFR stakers earn esBFR rewards on top of protocol-generated revenue (USDC), there are two vesting vaults:
BFR vault - for esBFR tokens accrued via BFR staking
BLP vault - for esBFR tokens accrued via BLP LPing
Depending on the information above, select the suitable vesting vault and click on 'Deposit.'

Stake esBFR for vesting

A pop-up will appear, here you can enter the amount of esBFR you want to vest. Then click on "Deposit".
Note: if this is your first time interacting with the dApp, you will have to approve the smart contract to use your esBFR tokens before entering the amount and confirming the stake. To do that, click on "Approve" in the pop-up window.
Once the transaction is confirmed, your esBFR tokens will be staked for vesting over a year.
Once the vesting begins the average amount of BFR or BLP tokens used to earn esBFR rewards will be reserved.
For example, if you staked 1000 BFR and earned 100 esBFR tokens, then to vest 100 esBFR tokens, 1000 BFR tokens will be reserved.
Note that this is an example and the actual ratio depends on the average staked amount and rewards earned for your account.
esBFR tokens that have been unstaked and deposited for vesting will not earn rewards. However, Staked BFR or BLP tokens reserved for vesting will continue to earn rewards.
Once vested esBFR tokens will be converted into BFR every second and will fully vest over 365 days.
esBFR tokens that have been converted into BFR can be claimed at any time desired. Additionally, users can deposit additional esBFR tokens into the 'Vest' vaults while existing vesting is already ongoing.


BFR or BLP tokens reserved for vesting cannot be unstaked or sold.
To unreserve, the tokens, use the "Withdraw" button on the Earn page.
Partial withdrawals are not supported. Withdrawing will unreserve all tokens and pause esBFR vesting. However, all esBFR tokens that have been vested into actual BFR will remain as BFR tokens.