Opening Limit Orders

To be used to executes at exact price set if price reaches threshold + spread.

Connecting your Wallet

Newbie tip: if you're new to Buffer or DeFi in general, you will first need to install and add a wallet before you start interacting with any of the dApps.
If you do not have a wallet yet, you can use Metamask or Rabby.
Don't see your wallet? You can use the WalletConnect option to connect using Ledger, Rainbow Wallet, Trust Wallet, Gnosis Safe, Argent, and many more.
Connect your wallet to Buffer by clicking on the "Connect Wallet" button on the Trade Page (Fig.1)
Fig.1 Connect Wallet

Activating your 1 Click Trading Account:

Follow our Account Setup guide to activate and register your 1 Click Trading Account (Fig.2)
Fig.2 Activate 1 Click Trading Account

Selecting a Market & Trading Pair

Click on the "drop-down" menu on the top left-hand side of the interface to discover different markets supported on Buffer.
You can use the "star" ticker on the list to add your favorite pairs to 'Favorites.'
Select a trading pair you'd like to open an Up/Down position on.
Market/Trading Pair Selector

Selecting a timeframe

From the trading dashboard on the right, choose the preferred timeframe
  • Min. available timeframe: 3m
  • Max. available timeframe: 4hrs
Timeframe Selector

Selecting the Trade size and asset

Select the investment asset and key in the investment size.
Supported Assets:
  • USDC
  • ARB
  • BFR
Trade Asset Type & Size Selector

Selecting Order Type

Once all trade parameters are set, make sure you've selected the order type as "Limit"
Order Type Selector

Set Limit Price

Key in the desired limit price

Opening a position

Click on "Up" or "Down" on the Trade page depending on which side you would like to open a market order on.
Trade Direction Selector

Up position:

  • Earns a profit if the token's price goes up
  • Makes a loss if the token's price goes down

Down position:

  • Earns a profit if the token's price goes down
  • Makes a loss if the token's price goes up
After creating a limit order, it will appear under the "Limit Orders" tab. You can "Edit" or "Cancel" the order and change the trigger price if needed.
Note that limit orders are not guaranteed to execute, this can occur in a few situations including but not exclusive to:
  • The mark price which is an aggregate of exchange prices did not reach the specified price
  • The mark price was reached but there may not be sufficient liquidity to execute the order
Once executed the order will appear under the "Trades" tab.
Trading Tip: If you are unfamiliar with short-term options, please head to the overview page to learn more about this product.