Place Up/Down Trades

Options Trading Simplified with Up/Down options trading


Traders can trade price volatility by simply selecting their prediction about the price of an asset in a given time frame. For example, a trader can estimate whether the price of the said asset can go UP or DOWN in the next 15 mins and then place an order to win a pre-defined payout.
The payouts are typically about 1.4 -1.9x of the pay-in and can be further boosted by holding the Optopi NFTs or using a referral code.

Key benefits of trading on Buffer Finance:

  • No liquidation risk
  • Pre-defined risk-reward
  • No funding rates
  • Transparent & decentralized
  • Non-custodial
  • Simple and seamless trading experience
  • Precision trading with limit orders and early close
  • Private trading
  • 100% real-time trading.

Trading on Buffer can be extremely simple and rewarding when done right:

  • Price Action Trading: Unlike traditional methods cluttered with technical indicators, price action focuses on the raw data of market prices. By analyzing historical price movements and patterns, traders on Buffer can identify robust signals for potential market direction. The simplicity of price action aligns perfectly with Buffer's streamlined interface, allowing not only seasoned traders but also newcomers to the DeFi space to engage in options trading with controlled risk.
  • Scalping: Scalping is a strategy that seeks to capitalize on small price changes. It requires a strict exit strategy as a large loss can eliminate many small gains achieved. Buffer's platform design offers the rapid execution needed for successful scalping, coupled with risk management tools that can mitigate significant single-trade losses. By focusing on short-term price action, traders can churn out small profits consistently, all within a secure and efficient trading environment.
  • Hedging with UP/DOWN Options: Hedging is a risk management strategy used to offset potential losses. Through Buffer's unique offering of UP/DOWN options, traders can craft sophisticated hedging strategies. For instance, a trader can hedge high-leveraged positions by buying DOWN options as a form of insurance against adverse price movements. Buffer provides the flexibility and the tools required to implement these strategies effectively, enhancing both risk control and potential returns.