Become a Referrer

The referral program allows referrers to introduce new users to the protocol and earn trader rewards on the every trade made by the referee

Creating a referral code

To participate in the referral program, first, you need to create a referral code.
To do that, navigate to
Click on "Create your Referral" and enter any combination of letters, numbers, and underscores to create a referral code. Click on "Create".
Note that referral codes are case-sensitive and that your code must be created on both Arbitrum as well as Polygon to earn trader rewards on both networks.
Once the referral code is successfully created, click on the copy icon next to the code to get your referral link, it should look something like this:'your_code_here'.
Once copied, you can share your referral link on any social media or communication platform. When a user clicks on your link, your referral code will be connected to their account.
When a user (referee) under your referral network, makes a trade they will receive a payout boost depending on their tier and you (referer) will receive trader rewards on the referee's trade size.
When the user makes a trade they would receive a discount and you would earn rebates from their trading fees.

Tracking your Rewards

You can track your overall rebate history including 'trading volume,' 'Total Referred Trades,' and 'Total Rebates Earned.'
Note: referee rewards and referer rewards are distributed in USDC both on Arbitrum and Polygon.
To understand referral tiers and rewards, use the 'Referrals' page under the 'Rewards' section.

Using a referral code?

If you want to execute a Trade using any Referral Code that you have been referred to, click on "Use Referral" and enter the referral code you want to use.
Once added successfully, when you place a trade the contract will automatically apply a payout boost depending on the referral code tier.