Escrowed BFR (esBFR)

Additional reward offered over and above yield generated via protocol generated revenue

Escrowed BFR (esBFR) Token

esBFR is a non-transferable reward token emitted to $BFR stakers and liquidity providers.
Token contract address: 0x92914A456EbE5DB6A69905f029d6160CF51d3E6a
There are two options for what you can do with your $esBFR rewards:
  1. 1.
    Compound: You can compound esBFR and earn on the revenue share and $esBFR emissions similar to $BFR staking. Users can compound all rewards in a single transaction - a very useful feature for those looking to maximize their earnings on a daily basis.
By clicking on the 'Compound,' on the 'Total Rewards' card, users can essentially sending a batch transaction for:
  • Claiming BFR rewards
  • Claiming esBFR Rewards
  • Staking BFR rewards
  • Staking esBFR
  • Staking MPs
  1. 2.
    Claim & Vest to convert to $BFR: esBFR will be transferred to your wallet, and then they can be vested linearly over 365 days to receive BFR tokens. During the vesting period, esBFR doesn’t accrue any rewards. Users can claim esBFR and vest their esBFR to convert to BFR by clicking on the 'Stake' button on the Earn page.


Through vesting, escrowed BFR (esBFR) tokens can be converted into BFR tokens, accessed on the Earn page.
The average amount of BFR or BLP tokens used to earn the esBFR rewards will be reserved when vesting is initiated. (The required amount of staked BFR tokens to be reserved for vesting esBFR tokens can be checked while depositing esBFR tokens in the vesting vault). The reserved tokens cannot be unstaked or sold.
To unreserve the token, the user needs to first withdraw (Partial withdrawal is not allowed) the reserved tokens and pause vesting. The esBFR tokens already vested to BFR tokens will remain vested and can be claimed.
Here’s an example of how reserve works:
If you staked 2000 BFR and earned 200 esBFR tokens — then vesting 200 esBFR tokens, 2000 BFR tokens will be reserved, and 100 esBFR will require 1000 esBFR. Note: this is simply an illustrative example of building perspective and the actual ratio of the average staked amount and rewards earned by the user.
The unstaked esBFR deposited for vesting stops earning rewards, but the staked BFR/esBFR/Multiplier points reserved for vesting will keep earning rewards.
The vested esBFR will mature into BFR tokens every second and will unvest over the span of 365 days. In the meantime, the escrowed tokens that have already matured into BFR tokens can be claimed at any time desired. Users can also choose to add more esBFR to the existing vesting amount to increase their stakes esBFR amount.
Note: esBFR tokens cannot be vested if the user does not hold any BFR tokens. If a user sells $BFR and would like to vest their esBFR rewards later on, they would need to re-buy the BFR tokens.


Rewards are distributed every second to staked tokens