Multiplier Points

Multiplier Points reward long term BFR holders without inflation.

Multiplier Points (MP)

Multiplier points reward long-term BFR stakers by boosting their APRs. The longer you keep your tokens staked, the higher the APR you can get — this mechanism also removes any requirement of introducing lock-up periods in the staking pool.

How does Multiplier points work?

As soon as you stake the BFR tokens, you start receiving the Multiplier points every second at an APR of 100%. For example, if you stake 100 BFR tokens, you will receive 100 Multiplier points in 1 year. The multiplier points can be staked to boost the APR by clicking the “Compound” button on the Earn page, and each multiplier point earns the same rewards as BFR or esBFR tokens. When a user unstakes BFR or esBFR, a proportional amount of Multiplier points are burnt
The “Boost %” section on the Earn page indicates the individual boosted value from MPs. The boost % is calculated as the ratio of MPs (staked) to the total amount of staked BFR:
100 * (staked MP)/(staked BFR + staked esBFR)


Rewards are distributed every second to staked tokens