How to place trades?

Options Trading Simplified with Up/Down options trading

Step 1: Getting Started

If this is your first time on before you start placing up/down trades, follow the 'How to connect' guide that will help you with connecting to the dApp, and preparing your wallet with sufficient ETH/MATIC for gas among other pre-requisites.

Step 2: Select the Market & Trading Pair

Go to
Using the '+' sign on the right-hand side of the interface, select the market (crypto, forex, commodities) and the respective asset pair you want to trade
You can use the 'star ⭐' ticker on the list to add your favorite pairs to 'Favorites.'

Step 3: Choose your trading parameters

Navigate to the trading dashboard on the right-hand side to select your trading parameters.

- Trade Duration: from the 'Select Duration' box choose timeframes anywhere between 5 mins, 15 mins, 1 hr, and 4 hrs

- Trade Size: from the 'Trade Size' enter your USDC investment

Once you have entered the amount, you will be able to view the payout% for that trade. Payout% can be boosted further up to 12% via Optopi NFTs and 8% via the referral program.
While there are no price impacts, there can be slippage due to price movement between when a user initiates a trade (submits a transaction) and when the trade is placed (the transaction is confirmed). You can customize your slippage expectations by clicking on 'Advanced ⚙️' below the timeframe box.

Step 4: Choose the direction - Up or Down

Select your position by clicking on the 'Up 🔼' or 'Down 🔽' button and confirm the transaction.
  • Up: means you predict an increase in the price of an asset. If you are correct and the asset's price ends up higher than it was when the trade started, you will receive your initial amount + payout%.
  • Down: means you predict a decrease in the price of an asset. If you are correct and the asset's price ends up lower than it was when the trade started, you will receive the initial amount + payout%.
Once you have placed your trade, your position can be viewed on the chart as well as under the 'Active' tab below.
If your prediction is right, you will receive the initial amount back along with your payout%. If it is wrong, you will lose an equivalent amount to your initial USDC trade size.
You can view the details of your trade including the 'payout,' 'status' and more under the 'History' section.

Share position

If your trade ends in profit, a 'Share Position' pop-up will appear, click on 'Copy' to generate an image to share on your socials automatically. The image also consists of your referral code and a QR code, which users can scan to trade on Buffer and join your referral network.