How to buy Optopi NFT?

Ultra cute NFTs with real DeFi use cases

Step 1: Getting Started

If this is your first time on, before you start placing up/down trades, follow the "Getting started" that will help you with connecting to the dApp, and preparing your wallet with sufficient ETH for gas among other pre-requisites.

Step 2: Mint or buy Optopi NFTs

a. Mint Optopi on Buffer

To mint, an Optopi NFT (random minting) at a fixed price of 0.075 ETH, go to This will mint a random tier
Click on 'Mint for 0.075 ETH'
A pop will appear asking you to enter the number of NFTs you want to mint. Once added, click on 'Mint for 0.0075 ETH'
Once the transaction is successful, the minted Optopi will be added to the 'Claimed NFT' section
You can choose the tier and traits you want in an Optopi and buy it on OpenSea.
Note: whenever buying an NFT on OpenSea, please ensure to verify that you are buying a legitimate one by checking the contract addresses against the ones in the Contract Addresses. Malicious parties could create similarly named NFTs to trick you into buying ones that are not worth anything - you should always use the contract to confirm.

Step 3: Enjoy Optopi utilities Once you have acquired your NFT, you can play around with its many utilities.

  • You can trade on Buffer to receive a payout boost of up to 12%:
Payout Boost
  • Join the Buffer Prime club and leverage the insights shared by an elite group of options traders, TAs, analysts, quants, and more;
  • You can bypass all entry criteria and directly enter the highly coveted trading leagues to compete and join the ranks of top Buffer traders on the leaderboard (coming soon);
  • Enjoy trader rebate rewards in USDC for a limited period of time (coming soon)