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Up/Down Options

Trading as simple as choosing Up or Down
Up/Down options completely abstract the complexities of funding rates, fee calculations, liquidations, or collateral management.
Topics covered in this section:

Multi-asset Collateral Support

Buffer accepts multiple assets as traders’ collateral, abstracting the need to convert their holdings into specific assets to start trading.
Supported of supported collateral & types:
BFR (collateral supported only on Buffer Classic App)

Multiple Order Types

Currently Buffer offers two order types: market & limit orders.
A market order tends to execute an up/down trade instantly at the current market price, whereas a limit order is used to do the same at a specific target price.
Limit orders are largely utilized by traders who want to execute their trades at a desired price range without constantly having to monitor market volatility.
Payout Customizations for Limit Orders:
Users can now secure their trade by selecting the minimum payout for limit orders. This feature allows you to secure your trade by defining the least acceptable payout. Even if the dynamic payout fluctuates, your trade will only execute if it meets your set minimum.
To execute a limit order, the current price must fall within the slippage bounds of the trigger price, and the payout must exceed the user-specified minimum value.
Payout Customization for Limit Orders

Pair List

Market Schedule:

Available Timeframes:

V2.5.1 supports timeframes ranging between 1 mins to 4 hrs.


Payout is dynamic and ranges between 30% to 90%. The payout can be boosted further, up to a maximum of 93%, achievable via referrals.