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1 Click Gasless Trading

All trading-related operations on Buffer are executed with account abstraction, where transactions are signed off-chain, and executed by a third-party keeper-publisher mechanism.
  • Avoid the inconvenience of multiple wallet approvals per trade
  • Gasless trading that reduces the hassles of gas fees or the necessity for users to hold a network's native token
  • Save execution cost with our sequencer-like keeper model - that bundles transactions to reduce gas costs significantly
Buffer supports both immediate and conditional account abstraction. Immediate abstraction wherein - a user signs an intent and sends it to the keeper with the hope of immediate and unconditional execution (eg. executing market orders on Buffer).
On the other hand, conditional account abstraction is where the user signs a transaction for it to be executed once a condition is met (eg: executing a limit order on Buffer, once the limit price is met within the set expiry period).
Buffer is also able to offer extremely low-latency options trading. This is achieved with our off-chain, sequencer-like facility, which executes multiple trades in groups or queues. By doing so, we minimize miner extractable value (MEV) and enable lightning-fast trading, setting us apart in the competitive market.