Buffer Finance V2

The Optopi Collection 🐙

Experience the power of dangerously cute, transmarine Arbitrum dwelling Optopuses
​Optopi is a collection of 8,888 unique, collectible PFP-friendly NFTs on Arbitrum it offers key utility to traders on the Buffer Finance Platform. The Optopi collection is divided into four tiers: Diamond, Platinum, Gold, and Silver. Diamond is the rarest to mint, and Silver is the most common.

NFT Utility

1. Payout Boost for Up/Down options

On Buffer, each trading pair has its own base payout (less volatile pairs => higher base payout & more volatile pairs => lower base payout). The boost % depends on the tier of the NFT being held (highest tier = max payout boost, lowest tier = least payout boost).
Here’s how the NFT boost/NFT tier affects the base payout for traders:
Payout Boost
NFT payout is automatically applied when a trader holding an Optopi opens a trade on Buffer. The contract checks for an NFT, and its tier, and automatically the payout boost on the open trade.

2. Access to Trading leagues:

Trading leagues are weekly contests where top traders can win USDC rewards based on their performance, depending on the past week's trading activity. A trader can be part of any of the five leagues Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. With Diamond having the highest reward and Bronze having the lowest.
Optopi NFT holders get direct access according to their NFT tier. So platinum Optopi holders get free access to the platinum league and so on. On the other hand, non-Optopi holders will have to fulfill the eligibility criteria (based on the past week’s performance) to enter the higher leagues.
Note: the bronze league is dedicated to non-NFT holders starting with trading on the Buffer platform and do not have a trading history.

3. Access to Buffer Prime — a private traders club:

Optopi NFT holders also get exclusive access to a private discord group dedicated to Giga brain trading geniuses and pro traders, where they can share trading setups, strategies, and everything else in between.
All users who hold at least 1 Optopi NFT are eligible to join the Buffer Prime Club.

4. Trader Rebates:

For traders holding Optopi, USDC rebates will be distributed based on their share of weekly trading volumes. The trader Rebate program will run for a limited time, and details will be announced separately.