Buffer For Traders

Buffer abstracts the complexity of option trading, allowing traders to trade price volatility in a non-custodial manner.
Traders can trade price volatility by simply selecting their prediction about the price of an asset in a given time frame. For example, a trader can estimate whether the price of the said asset can go UP or DOWN in the next 15 mins and then place an order to win a pre-defined payout.
The payouts are typically about 1.4 -1.9x of the pay-in and can be further boosted by holding the Optopi NFTs or using a referral code.

Key benefits of trading on Buffer Finance:

  • No liquidation risk
  • Pre-defined risk-reward
  • No funding rates
  • Transparent & decentralized
  • Non-custodial
  • Simple and seamless trading experience

Trading on Buffer can be extremely simple and rewarding when done right:

  • Trade price action: clear trading strategies eliminate all clutter caused by technical indicators. Since price action signals are relatively simple to follow, you don’t have to be a professional trader with deep knowledge of options or years of experience to recognize signals and estimate market movements. This makes it easy for the average DeFi user to break into options trading in a risk-controlled manner.
  • Scalping: trades can leverage short-term price action and trends to identify opportunities while being protected from large losses incurred on a single trade.
  • Hedging: traders can take advantage of UP/DOWN options through numerous strategies. For example, hedge high-leveraged positions on Buffer.