Buffer Finance V2

Buffer for Token Holders

BFR is the utility and governance token of Buffer Finance

Token Information:

Contract Address: 0x1A5B0aaF478bf1FDA7b934c76E7692D722982a6D
After staking BFR, you will receive a staked BFR token: 0xd2D1162512F927a7e282Ef43a362659E4F2a728F (Arbitrum).
Note that the balance for this will return your total staked amount including any esBFR tokens and Multiplier Points.

BY depositing BFR tokens in the vault, stakers will start earning staking rewards paid continuously as:

  • USDC: up to 40% of the protocol revenue generated is sent to $BFR stakers;
  • esBFR: Can be claimed and vested or compounded for more rewards, similar to BFR token staking;
  • Multiplier points: can be staked to boost APR (a.k.a real yield).
Use the "Rewards" page to learn more about esBFR and Multiplier points.